Design is essential for successful communication.
The process of relying information, in a thought provoking way to stir an emotion, make a sale, or simply present necessary facts, is an art in itself. This is what we do, and we do it well.

Consulting & Strategy   Firstly, we meet with you and ask you questions to know exactly what it is you wish to do; create a new corporate brand to launch a company or product, roll out new materials for an existing service or product, assist with a business to business report, design and manage a digital presentation, or develop a new website with an online marketing campaign. The next step is to understand your audience so we can give them what they want, while giving you what you need. This requires research into the competition and the present marketplace for perceptions, trends and user behaviour. Whether you are selling widgets, or pitching a business plan for a capital venture project, we will develop a strategy on how to present your offerings  – while clearly representing you.

Design & Development   We offer a range of design and development skills to suit your needs. Web Design, Corporate Identities, Digital Presentations (PowerPoint or other), custom graphics, illustrations, charts, photography, font development, content management systems, online advertising and more. Our designs work together, regardless of the medium. They mesh to display your brand, consistently and beautifully. Basically, we are good at making sure you look good.

Web  Our web services can be tailored to your needs. We can help you get started from scratch by searching for and registering a domain name, setting up a hosting plan, complete with email set up and forwarding if needed, and go on to build a custom site for you. The size and scope can vary from a simple 5 page brochure site to a 30+ page site with client portal and e-commerce functionality. Your new site can be completely custom or can be built on a template system using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal software. If you already have a site but need help updating or switching it over to a mobile friendly, responsive site, we can do that too. Once your online presence is complete, we can then move on to online advertising or analyzing your viewer traffic.

Personal Attention & Management    We want to continue to work with you after the project is done. We pride ourselves on personal attention throughout every process, answering your questions, giving you options and explaining strategies and concepts. We respect your timelines and do whatever we can to help. We are good at details and can assist with all aspects of project management. And when the website is live, or the brochure printed and delivered, we will keep in touch to help keep your brand on track.

Rates  We work on an hourly rate of $100. After a consultation meeting, an project outline will be provided with an estimated cost range. Before proceeding, a written agreement will be presented for approval with a clear understanding about costs, complexities and schedules.